How you can help!

As a donor to Brant United Way, you will be part of a collective voice creating positive change right here in our own community.

Give a Corporate Gift

Instill employee pride in your organization by demonstrating your commitment to our community with your corporate gift or by matching employee donations.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships help us keep our costs low while providing your organization with a unique opportunity for exposure in the community.

Run an Employee Campaign

Running an employee campaign in your workplace helps build strong teams, boosts morale and unites employees for an inspirational cause.

Be a Leader

Encourage leadership donations to open the door to the Leadership Challenge Fund matching program. You and the community win!

Get Hands On

Keep your employees engaged and informed through our Day of Caring program, Seeing is Believing tours, and special events.

Send us a Sponsored Employee

Sponsor a rising star from your employee group to work alongside our staff. Your staff will return to the workplace inspired and energized with a deeper understanding of our community.

What's in it for you?

Brant United Way believes in thanking our donors and supporters in meaningful ways:

Corporate Recognition

Your company will be recognized for the generous support you provide Brant United Way in many ways. If you make a minimum corporate donation of $1,000, you will be:

  • Featured in our Annual Report
  • Featured on the Brant United Way website
  • Featured in our Case for Support
  • Featured in our Leadership Honour Roll
Sponsorship of a Loaned/Sponsored Employee and/or Campaign Materials

In order to further develop your brand and expand into the community, Brant United Way will ensure that your company is properly recognized for your support.

Loaned/Sponsored Employee
  • Your company name will be on the e-mail signature of the individual you loan or sponsor
  • Your company will be promoted at workplace presentations
  • Your company will be recognized at our Achievement Event
Sponsorship of Campaign Materials or Event
  • Your company logo will be featured on the materials you sponsor
  • Your company will be recognized at our Achievement Event
Enhance Employee Engagement and Morale

Employees develop a new sense of commitment and their jobs can become far more meaningful when they work together to support the community in which they live or work. You can help:

  • Match your employees' donations dollar for dollar to continue to motivate them
  • Allow your Employee Campaign Coordinator to develop their leadership skills
  • Participate with your staff in their special events
Leadership giving results in a charitable tax credit that reduces the amount of Federal and Provincial income tax payable.
Leadership Level Tax Credit Actual cost of the donation after tax
Bronze $1200 $442 $759
Silver $2,500 $964 $1,536
Gold $5,000 $1,968 $3,032
Platinum $10,000 $3,976 $6,024

*This is an illustrative example for a resident of Ontario. Donors should consult with a qualified financial advisor for the most accurate information with respect to their particular taxation situation.