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Healthy people, strong communities.

Change starts in our community when people have the courage to take advantage of the programs and services that are offered in Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River, many of which are supported by Brant United Way. Together, we continue to support healthy people and build strong communities.

It is the beginning of the long weekend and while you are at home with your family a fire breaks out in your building and you are forced to evacuate. You cannot turn to your insurance company because they are closed. Imagine having to wait three days to find support and assistance from your insurance provider while experiencing a tragedy. Where are you supposed to stay? What are you going to wear? How are you going to afford to feed your family?

The Canadian Red Cross's Personal Disaster Assistance program provides the support you need in such a horrific time. Volunteers give the families immediate assistance and support. They were provided with gift cards to local stores so that the families could purchase clothing, laundry supplies and food to sustain them until the start of the week.

In such a difficult and frightening time the Canadian Red Cross will assist families in need. They were able to answer questions and take care of logistical concerns while the families tried to come to terms with what happened.

Although we are not able to prevent a tragedy from happening, we are able to ensure that our fellow community members can find strength and support when they need it. Brant United Way is proud to have made a difference in the lives' of students. We continue to invest in people throughout our community to strengthen their individual capacity and that of Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River.

Change starts here.
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